RV Repair – FAQ

If you have an RV or motorhome that’s been cosmetically damaged, you might feel lost wondering how the looks of your vehicle can be repaired. RV collision repair is much less common and accessible than consumer car and truck service. RV repair service needs are different than other vehicle repairs. If you want to know about RV body repair, the RV collision service experts at Big Sky Collision Center have you covered!

What causes RV Body Damage?

Many factors contribute to RV body damage, like any other street vehicle. As large as they are, damage often comes from unseen obstacles. Many RVs are damaged during backing up, in addition to usual road incidents.

How is RV body damage repaired?

Motorhomes and RVs are built differently from common cars and trucks, requiring the skill of specially trained technician. If you need RV fiberglass repair, only trust professionals.

What is fiberglass RV repair?

Most RVs built today have bodies constructed of large fiberglass panels. Fiberglass is a material made of a reinforced plastic composite spun through a resin matric to make glass fibers. The end-product is a long lasting and lightweight material well-suited for these kinds of vehicles. Because of the complexity of the material, quality RV fiberglass repair is a must.

Will I need all new RV paint?

Areas with replaced fiberglass will likely need repainting, but your whole motorhome won’t necessarily need it. The RV paint experts at Big Sky Collision Center work overtime to make correct paint matches for your RV repair.

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If you have questions about RV repair or want a body damage repair estimate, don’t hesitate to reach out to the RV repair specialists at Big Sky Collision Center. We’re here for all of your RV repair, RV paint, and RV fiberglass needs! For quality RV repair, Bozeman MT always trusts Big Sky Collision Center!