6 Easy Steps to recharge your A/C

Once winter ends and the air gets warm, you might find that your car’s air conditioning isn’t cooling you off like it used to. Changes in temperature create changes in pressure in a number of your car’s systems. These changes in pressure can cause the A/C’s refrigerant levels to be low. Thankfully, there are products you can use to recharge it. With A/C recharge kits from brands like A/C Pro and Arctic Freeze, recharging the A/C on your car has never been easier!

This guide will show you how to recharge your car’s air conditioner with one of these handy refrigerant kits.

Step 1

Start your car and turn the air conditioner on. It should be set to its ‘Max Cool’ setting with the blower set as high as it can go.

Step 2

Pop your hood and make sure the compressor is running. The compressor should cycle on and off, you’ll know it’s on if you can see the center of the pulley spinning. The compressor needs to be running in order to check refrigerant pressure.

If the compressor isn’t spinning at all, it might be because there is no refrigerant left in the system at all. To check, skip to Step 6, and ½ of the can, and see if the compressor turns on after.

Step 3

Find the A/C system’s low-pressure port. There will be two metal tubes coming out of the A/C compressor. The larger of the tubes is the low-pressure port. Remove the cap and save it, you will need it when you’re done.

Having trouble finding the port? Use this helpful port locator made by A/C Pro.

Step 4

Attach the hose to the low-pressure port. You should be able to push the fitting onto the port until you hear a click.

Step 5

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, set the gauge with the outside ambient temperature. When the compressor cycles on, it will allow you to read the refrigerant pressure.

If it lands in the green, your A/C is properly charged, you’re done!

If the needle lands in the white, proceed to the next step).

If it lands in the red, this indicates that your compressor is not running, which means it’s time to call your vehicle experts at Big Sky Collision Center at (406) 585-2699.

Step 6

Disconnect the hose and gauge assembly from the low-pressure port and attach to the can. Shake well and reconnect the fitting to the port. Squeeze the trigger on the assembly to begin charging. While charging, pivot the can between an upright position and a sideways one every few seconds.

After 10-15 seconds of charging, release the trigger to read the pressure on the gauge. When the needle settles in the green zone of the gauge and the vents in your car are blowing cold air, you’re done!

Do NOT overcharge the system, pay careful attention to the gauge.

– – –

That’s it! Your car’s A/C is now charged and cooling properly.

Still having issues with your car’s A/C system? Have other work you need done, or maybe something you’ve been putting off? Don’t wait, call your Bozeman autobody shop! Call Big Sky Collision Center today at (406) 585-2699.