4 Exterior Car Detailing Myths Debunked

Like anything else, misinformation about proper DIY Car Detailing is everywhere. Between assumptions and misunderstandings, getting correct information about how to car for your car’s exterior can be difficult.

To help debunk harmful car detailing myths, the autobody professionals at Big Sky Collision Center in Bozeman, MT has collected 4 of the most common ones.

#1 Shiny = Clean

It’s very easy to look at the bright, shiny coat of your car and assume that it’s clean. Even if your car has a beautiful glow and looks clean, doesn’t mean it is! Always judge your car’s cleanliness by touching it.

If you find that your car is rough, gritty, or grimy to the touch (even if its coat is nice and glossy), it’s definitely time for a wash.

#2 Dish Detergent is Great for Washing Your Car

Like the “shiny equals clean” myth, this is based on appearance and not fact. Standard grocery store dish detergent produces lots of suds, so it’s easy to assume that it’s doing a good job cleaning. In reality, dish detergents are incredibly effective at stripping oils, grease, and food particles from dishes, which makes them just as good as stripping the protective coatings on your car’s paint.

Your car should always be washed with a pH-balanced cleaning liquid.

#3 Old T-shirts, Bed Sheets, or Towels are Appropriate Drying Tools

DIYers like few things more than recycling old materials to use them in new ways. While this might be tempting, many t-shirts, bedsheets, and towels contain polyester or have dirt and debris trapped in them, leaving unsightly spiral scrapes on your car’s clearcoat.

A well-maintained microfiber towel or cloth is always recommended.

#4 Polishing Tools Always Damage Paint

While polishing tools can damage your car’s paint job, the truth is that these damages are almost always the result of human error. Consumer-grade electric polishing tools are cheaper than ever and can be very useful, just make sure you’re familiar with the tool before you use it.

– – –

After dispelling these common exterior car detailing myths, you’re ready to give your car the detailing job it needs to keep looking great for years to come!

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